Friday, July 22, 2011

China Glaze Crackle!!!

Today I received the giveaway that I won from konadaddict!!! omg they're sooo pretty :D
These are my first crackles and they are also my first china glaze!!!! I had to try them out right away of course.

I put black base coat on my left hand and white base on my right.

I love them all! The purple didn't crack as well as the rest of them but I might have just put it on too thick.
These pictures were from before I put a top coat on because it was still cracking and I had to get back to studying, which I should probably get back to doing. . . .


  1. I have the pink and white and love them :D congrats on winning!

  2. Love the white base on one hand and black on the other--great idea!

  3. Looks awesome, I especially like the pink and white and the gray and white.

  4. Congrats on winning!!!! I like them over the white base coat!!! I have this set too and they are fun!

  5. Love you're designs..
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