Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first attempt at free-handing!

It's been a while since my last post but I had the same nail polish on for a few days and I decided to try something new today. I saw this mani on and I knew I had to try it out. Hers are much better than mine but this is my first attempt at free-handing something more than a dot or a heart so maybe i'll get that good in the future. I still don't have any brushes or anything so I used a toothpick.
I broke my pinky nail right before I did this but I didn't want to make all my nails short so it looks a bit awkward.
Milani - the gold holo - base color
Revlon - Espresso - m57
Revlon -Cupid - darker pink
Revlon -Pink Chiffon - lighter pink
Revlon - Emerald - green leaves

My whole family hated this mani. I agree that it's a little busy but I like it a lot.
The gold holo alone was sooo pretty but after I layered on all the other stuff you could hardly tell it was a holo. 

This is the polish I was wearing the whole week.
It's the silver Milani holo and Sally Hanson - Black Out. I used BM208. Almost everyone who saw my nails this week thought it was a crackle polish. A holo crackle would be awesome though.


  1. You did all of that free hand? Shut up!! It looks amazing!

  2. Thanks! Well only the flowers are free hand, the leopard is m57