Monday, July 11, 2011

I am not stupid!

Hey! Welcome all of my new followers :D. This is my second post today but I finally finished that 5 hour long practice test and now I'm ready to share my fabulous finds and interesting story.
These polishes look kind of familiar right? They look almost exactly like Kleancolor bottles. Are these bootleg polish? Probably, but they work very well and they were only $1 each! They probably had over 100 colors and they were set up so well so I could see every color. I would have bought more but I ran into a little problem. I bought the 2 colors on the right last week just to try out the formula to see if I wanted to buy more. I went back expecting to buy at least 5-10 more but the lady selling them was horribly mean :(. I started talking to her about the polishes and how I already bought a few and loved them . When she was answering me back she ended her sentences with the word "pabo" or "바보" which I knew meant stupid in Korean! I took a 6 credit Korean class during last summer session and got an A, I guess she wasn't expecting that. I was so offended and I didn't know what to say so I just walked away. My mom was with me and asked me what was wrong and then she went back and yelled at the lady for calling me stupid in Korean. I hope she'll think twice before assuming nobody speaks Korean next time. I just went a few isles down and bought the polish from somebody else.
If anyone owns any kleancolor, let me know if these colors have the same names or anything.
Neon Aqua,  TLC, Twinkly Love, and Teal Envy
I also found these from some other  stand for $1 each! I was super excited about the essie because those are over $8 at CVS. They also has a red and a beige but I have so many reds and beiges that my mom gave me so it wasn't worth getting.
These holos are from CVS. I got $3 extra bucks when I spent $10 so these ended up being about $4 each. They have been my most expensive polish purchase so far, which isn't terrible. I'm trying to only buy the when they are really cheap so I don't empty my entire bank account.
And lastly I bought this for $2 at CVS. Has anyone tried the confetti polishes? They have so many colors and they are so cheap!
I hope you enjoyed my purchases and my story.


  1. I just bought that Confetti one this weekend! I used it over top of my sponging mani from last night (there are pictures on one of my most recent posts), I also used another Confetti in a blue that goes perfect with this, so far I'm pleased!

  2. i'm sorry for your lousy experience :( i have the kleancolor teal envy.. those do look like fakes to me... i have also heard of twinkly love...