Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My First French!


Remember when I posted the China Glaze Crackle entry? I wanted those to last all week until my test. I couldn't have failed more at that. While I was studying I somehow had the urge to peel off the polish! I was doing it kind of subconsciously and I tried to stop but I would keep catching myself doing it. So after a few days of re-doing them, I decided to take it off and try something new. My french tip guides came in the mail and I was planning on saving them for the first mani after my test but it was Thursday already and I was told that I should relax and not study the day before the MCAT.  I half listened to that advice and studied until noon and then did my nails after lunch. I wanted to try out Sally Hanson - Pacific Blue, so I guess this is my first official swatch too.
Sorry my camera isn't that great. The color is pretty accurate though. I've wanted a pretty blue for a while and when I saw this one I fell in love. It's so creamy and beautiful!!! It went on really well and I didn't have any trouble. For once it's not even messy around my cuticles! I was going to keep my nails as is but I just couldn't leave them plain so I tested out the tip guides.

 I used Revlon - Metallic and m57 for this one.

The first picture is color accurate but I thought it came out clearer with the flash on. 
I really liked how they came out and they looked especially pretty after a coat of Seche Vite
My mom didn't like the leopard print on the tips. She said it looked like it was peeling off.

I'm going to Alexandria, Virginia tomorrow ans I'll be in the DC area until Saturday. Does anyone know any good nail polish supply stores or anything fun to do while I'm there?

StyledOn Facebook Contest

Hey everyone,

I entered the StyledOn nail contest on facebook a few weeks ago. I would really appreciate some voting love : )
http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/136417/voteable_entries/26242890 You can vote every day! Sadly I wont even be able to vote everyday because I'll be on vacation so I can use all the help I can get. These were the nails I submitted. You may remember them from an earlier post.

Thanks! And let me know in the comments if you entered too so anyone who reads this blog can vote for yours as well.


I want to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts. I took my MCAT on Friday morning and I was planning on posting when I got home but I had to go out and enjoy my summer :). I have 3 weeks until I go back to school and I get to spend them NOT STUDYING! I've already gone to a party, gone to the city, read most of an amazing book (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua). I have done my nails a bunch over the past week or so but I haven't been posting them so I'll have to get to them eventually.

Yesterday marked the official beginning of shark week! For those of you who are unfamiliar, shark week is when Nat Geo Wild (I think that's the channels name) has a week long marathon of shark shows. I just watched a cool one where they gave a shark an MRI, my favorite has to be the ones when they try to film sharks jumping in the air to catch a seal. Anyway, I decided to do my first fully free-handed nail art. They aren't amazing but I can only get better from here. Plus my nail brushes still haven't come in the mail yet so I had to use a toothpick. I did buy a brush in China Town today for $1 though so I now have one.

Without further ado,

 The thumb is a hammer head shark :D and I got super lazy when I got to the pinky haha
 Later in life I will hopefully look back at these nails and say to myself "wow I've gotten much better since then" : )

Hopefully I'll post some more tomorrow because I'm leaving for vacation on Wednesday morning and I won't be back until late Saturday Night. Maybe I'll figure out how to schedule posts or something.