Thursday, June 23, 2011

My first leopard print nails!

Hey all 2 of my followers! I've been dying to try out leopard print but my zebra print was too pretty to get rid of. I've gotten lots of complements and a lot of people want me to do their nails!

So this morning I did a hot pink/ chrome leopard print that I sported to the library. I wish I was doing something more exciting with them but I'll leave that for Saturday night. I wish I had my new plates :(
Oh, I did order a new plate today! The free one from I haven't used that site before but if the plate comes without a problem I would definitely order from them again. FREE SHIPPING! : )

I used:

Revlon - Raspberry Rapture (Scented ^.^)
Revlon - Budding Chrome
It came out pretty good but I've been having one problem that I don't know hot to fix without buying tools. How do I clean up the polish outside of my nail? I use a Q-tip which gets pretty close but it still looks a bit messy.

Ok, back to studying!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I told myself that this wouldn't turn into a nail blog but I'm sure that if anybody was to read this they wouldn't be interested in hearing about my MCAT studies or my effort at INSANITY so I think it's mostly going to be about the crafty things I do.

So tomorrow is my roomie's 21st birthday so she's having a birthday dinner at some restaurant in the city. I was going to re-do the pink marble to match the dress I'll be wearing but my stamper and konad plate, m57, came in the mail today so I couldn't resist trying it out.
I took pics on my camera but for some reason my phone takes better pictures. Droid X > Canon PowerShot. You can't really tell by the pic but the pink is shimmery and kind of chrome-ish.
Sally Hanson - White On
Revlon - Orchid
Konad  M57

I't was kind of hard to do my thumbs. They should make the images on the plates a bit bigger. But I have great news! my mom thought my nails were awesome so I asked her if they were awesome enough for her to buy me some plates. Apparently they are : ) yayyyyy!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

nails nails nails!

While eating dinner tonight, my mom pointed out that I get a new hobby every time I come home from school. I use to stencil T-shirts then I made friendship bracelets then feather earrings and now it's nails. I was just stumbling around the internet then looking at blogs and I found this wonderful blog rebeccalikesnails. I thought it was AMAZING and it became the first blog that I followed on this new blog. I was never really good at painting my nails so I've been eying those Sally Hanson  press on things I keep seeing in CVS but that blog inspired me to try new things. I immediately went on amazon and bought a stamper, scraper, and the M57 plate. I found them for a bit less than $10 including shipping. They should be coming some time next week so I'm sooooooo excited to try them out. I was impatient so I decided to try the coolest thing I could find that I could do with equipment I have at home: water marbled nails!! CHECK IT OUT!

I think they're pretty awesome and I'm really pleased with the way it came out considering this is my first time doing anything to my nails other then a plain coat of color.
I took a bunch of pics because the lighting sucks in my room so I didn't know the best angle to take them.
I just thought this looked funny so I took a pic before I took the tape off.

So now I'm addicted. If anyone cares, the colors I used were Revlon Sheer Cotton, Cupid, and Bubble. I only have Revlon nail polish for now and probably for a while because I'm pretty broke and I don't have a job.

I can't wait until I get my plate so I can try stamping!!! I wish I could find them for cheaper so I can buy more plates. Oh well, for now I'll just have some awesome marbled nails :{)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I must admit that I get a lot less done then I want most of the time. Today was not one of those days. I didn't really set a summer to do list for each day, which is very different than during the semester. I like it this way. For now it's less stressful but I know I'll be freaking out come the end of July. (MCAT on July 29th). 
 At the beginning of each summer I promise myself that I'd go to the beach a few times each month and then I always end up going around 3 times over the whole summer. This summer seems to be going on the same trend. I don't drive so it's pretty hard for me to do anything :(. I just started studying outside on a towel in my backyard. It's like the beach except I can study for the MCAT without getting sand in my books. It seems to be working even if it takes me a bit longer to finish a chapter in the textbook. I stick to doing the passages inside where I can time them properly.  So now I'm tanner and smarter!
I'm 9 days into my first month of INSANITY and I think it is making me go insane. Today I did pure cardio  which I must say was a success. I think it was because I was in a great mood from tanning. It feels good to accomplish everything I wanted to do before dinner time. now it's time to clean a bit, shower and maybe do something fun tonight . . . . maybe.

Hello blog world!

Hey! This is my first attempt at a blogspot, I have a tumblr but I keep it super secret and truthfully I stopped using that one a while ago. This one will be different! I hope to use for a few reasons. My short term goal is to keep track of what I've been up to all summer (which sadly isn't much) and my long term goal is to keep this baby running for a while and maybe one day actually tell people I know that I have a blog. So for now I'll be talking about my summer, studying for the MCAT, med school apps, INSANITY, and probably some random arts & crafts stuff that I decide to do while I'm bored. I just want to note that I actually created this blog in March and never touched it but I'll try as hard as I can this time to post at least once a week.