Friday, June 17, 2011

nails nails nails!

While eating dinner tonight, my mom pointed out that I get a new hobby every time I come home from school. I use to stencil T-shirts then I made friendship bracelets then feather earrings and now it's nails. I was just stumbling around the internet then looking at blogs and I found this wonderful blog rebeccalikesnails. I thought it was AMAZING and it became the first blog that I followed on this new blog. I was never really good at painting my nails so I've been eying those Sally Hanson  press on things I keep seeing in CVS but that blog inspired me to try new things. I immediately went on amazon and bought a stamper, scraper, and the M57 plate. I found them for a bit less than $10 including shipping. They should be coming some time next week so I'm sooooooo excited to try them out. I was impatient so I decided to try the coolest thing I could find that I could do with equipment I have at home: water marbled nails!! CHECK IT OUT!

I think they're pretty awesome and I'm really pleased with the way it came out considering this is my first time doing anything to my nails other then a plain coat of color.
I took a bunch of pics because the lighting sucks in my room so I didn't know the best angle to take them.
I just thought this looked funny so I took a pic before I took the tape off.

So now I'm addicted. If anyone cares, the colors I used were Revlon Sheer Cotton, Cupid, and Bubble. I only have Revlon nail polish for now and probably for a while because I'm pretty broke and I don't have a job.

I can't wait until I get my plate so I can try stamping!!! I wish I could find them for cheaper so I can buy more plates. Oh well, for now I'll just have some awesome marbled nails :{)

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  1. hey! you did awesome! i'm so glad that i inspired you.

    i came by here to answer your questions about the headphones.
    i used one entire length of thread for each color. the kind like this:
    it was JUST enough to cover my headphones which were the ipod kind.

    the middle part was tricky but i came up with a better idea after i had finished mine.
    what you should do is take some electrical tape and wind it around so that the joiner piece ends up being smooth... that's hard to explain.
    i'm going to draw it on paint to show you correctly :P
    your basically build it up and angle it down from both sides, that way you can just continue braiding up the incline and down the incline.
    when you do this taping part you will have to tape over part of the separate ends to build down from the joiner, but just a little bit.
    once you get to the split with your braids, you do one color per side.
    here is a better picture of my headphones:

    hopefully you can figure it out! make sure you knot the beginning and the ends really well so they don't come undone.