Monday, June 20, 2011


I told myself that this wouldn't turn into a nail blog but I'm sure that if anybody was to read this they wouldn't be interested in hearing about my MCAT studies or my effort at INSANITY so I think it's mostly going to be about the crafty things I do.

So tomorrow is my roomie's 21st birthday so she's having a birthday dinner at some restaurant in the city. I was going to re-do the pink marble to match the dress I'll be wearing but my stamper and konad plate, m57, came in the mail today so I couldn't resist trying it out.
I took pics on my camera but for some reason my phone takes better pictures. Droid X > Canon PowerShot. You can't really tell by the pic but the pink is shimmery and kind of chrome-ish.
Sally Hanson - White On
Revlon - Orchid
Konad  M57

I't was kind of hard to do my thumbs. They should make the images on the plates a bit bigger. But I have great news! my mom thought my nails were awesome so I asked her if they were awesome enough for her to buy me some plates. Apparently they are : ) yayyyyy!!!

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