Thursday, June 23, 2011

My first leopard print nails!

Hey all 2 of my followers! I've been dying to try out leopard print but my zebra print was too pretty to get rid of. I've gotten lots of complements and a lot of people want me to do their nails!

So this morning I did a hot pink/ chrome leopard print that I sported to the library. I wish I was doing something more exciting with them but I'll leave that for Saturday night. I wish I had my new plates :(
Oh, I did order a new plate today! The free one from I haven't used that site before but if the plate comes without a problem I would definitely order from them again. FREE SHIPPING! : )

I used:

Revlon - Raspberry Rapture (Scented ^.^)
Revlon - Budding Chrome
It came out pretty good but I've been having one problem that I don't know hot to fix without buying tools. How do I clean up the polish outside of my nail? I use a Q-tip which gets pretty close but it still looks a bit messy.

Ok, back to studying!

1 comment:

  1. the most important thing about clean up - try not to be messy! haha.
    the best way to paint your nails without making a mess can be seen here:
    i was going to explain it but then i rememeberd that post!
    and for clean up, all you really need is a makeup brush.