Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Hey this is a quick post because I've been studying like crazy. I was trying to get this up before Thursday rolls around, I guess we'll see. These were my nails. They aren't that pink but I'm going to do some cooler stuff eventually.
I used the essie polish in the picture as the base color, Revlon - Orchid and Budding Chrome as the stamping color with BM205 I think.
I also did the Monday glitterbomb challenge but I forgot to take a picture -_- . . . It wasn't that good anyway
Oops it's Thursday, Oh well I tried.
I got nail mail today! Unfortunately I wasn't home so they're going to bring it back tomorrow :(
My MCAT is officially in 8 days so  I might not end up posting  for a while unless my nail mail was something super exciting.

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