Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OMG I actually won a giveaway!

So today I woke up to emails from konad addict ( saying I won her china glaze crackle giveaway!!! I thought it was practically impossible for me to win a giveaway but apparently I had some good luck. I would post a picture but I'm on my iPad and I don't really know how to on here.

This is especially exciting for me because I'm pretty much broke and was begging my parents to buy me the black Sally Hanson crackle from CVS for the past two months because I don't own any crackles. I also don't own any china glaze yet so I'm super excited! I couldn't have won a better give away! Thank you so much Konad Addict!

I have a few nail updates to do but I'm in the middle of taking a full length MCAT on my computer so I just have my iPad and my 10 minute break to do this post so I'll post some nails later or tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on your win. I am following you now,from the PAA group!