Sunday, July 17, 2011

Should I buy this on ebay???

Hey girls!
I was just browsing ebay (at 2:30AM) and I saw a few things that I'm thinking about getting but I need some advice. Has anyone bought those 2 way nail art pens? I watched some reviews on youtube where people said they like them but they ship really messy but that doesn't really help that much. Do they draw well? Do they run? do the colors come our opaque? I know $10.50 isn't a lot of money but if anyone has bought them some feedback would be awesome. These are them.

Also, I was looking at other things that this seller has and I came across these. WOW $10 for 20 plates?? that seems like an amazing price. Has anyone bought these? Are they any good?


  1. personally i wouldn't buy the nail art pens again.
    i bought the set of 60, and yes i have done some very cute manis with them, but the quality is so poor.
    the brushes fall out, some of the tips don't work, and after a few months most of them are totally separated and impossible to even shake back to normal.
    the glitter ones do not come out through the tip.
    a lot of them are VERY sheer.

    you're better off investing in a black one and a white one from claires! those are the best ones to have for detail and stuff. i LOVE my black one.
    the rest? meh. i've probably only even used 5.

    those plates are probably good - i bought a set of 30 for $17 and a lot of them are just silly flowers and stuff but you do get some good ones mixed in.
    a better option though might be the set of 16 konad knockoffs from born pretty. it's more expensive (i think it's like $16?) but the images are MUCH nicer and more appealing! and you can get 10% off with my discount code, RCJ61

  2. Thanks! I think I'll either get the ones from born pretty or those mash plates. And I'll definitely check out claires :D