Monday, July 11, 2011

A few more manicures . . .

So I haven't posted in a while and I wasn't really planning on posting today but I was studying and my dad decided to take a nap in the room I was in. I gave up on trying to focus over the sound of him snoring so I decided to do a post.  There are 18 days until my MCAT by the way. I'm kind of freaking out a bit.
Anyway ...

These are some of the manis that I've done from July 4th on. I keep forgetting to take a picture the day I do it so some of them  are a bit chipped I think.

This is my July 4th mani. I was wearing blue and white so my nails were red. I used Revlon- Fire and I don't really remember what the stamped color was but it was a grey/blue. BM221

This is the mani I wore to Splish Splash a few days later. I wanted to match the yellow in my bathing suit. I used the same red as the July 4th mani because it was so easy to apply unlike some of my other polishes. I don't usually like using red but I guess I like the formula a lot. I used Revlon - Electric and Revlon - Fire

I wanted to do something kind of childish with these nails so I used Revlon - Bubble and Revlon - Cupid for the base/stamp then I used Revlon - metallic for the silver hearts on my ring fingers. They were done free hand and I think they came out pretty cute. I used a dull pencil tip to shape them. I used Y.B. Color - Twinkly Love for the glitter hearts (Ill talk about it in my next post or at the end of this one). And finally, I used Confetti - Party Palace Blue  for the other sparkles.  At first I hated the manicure and regretted putting the hearts on. But it grew on me over the course of the day. BM201

Lastly, This is the mani that I've been wearing for the past few days. It alternated 2 different patterns on BM224. The base is Revlon - Sheer Cotton, the stamping color is Sally Hanson - Black Out, and the yellow dots are Revlon - Electric. I used a dull pencil to apply the yellow. It seems like that pencil is my go to make shift nail tool. Other people liked this mani way more than I did. I like brighter colors. One thing that I thought was kind of strange is that some of the nails formed little bubbles in the base color. they definitely weren't there when I did them.

That's enough for now. I'll post about my recent nail polish finds later. And I also have an interesting story about my trip to the flea market that I'll talk about in my next post.


  1. these are all really cute! What stamps do you use?

  2. OH I forgot to add them. I'll edit it in!