Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey blog world!

CVS is having a sale on the new wet and wild polish! It's only 99 cents but there was a coupon for $1 off in the newspaper! I just looked up which paper and it said "RP 5/13 9 (exp 6/30)" I don't know what that means exactly but maybe some of you do.  Even though it expires in a month, the polish is only on sale this week so hurry! Since I'm a broke college student (actually I just graduated!) I jumped on this deal and bought 25 polishes!!! Yes I may have gone overboard but for free and for 99 cents you can't really go wrong :D
These are the ones I bought. I'm not really the swatch type but I might throw them in my next few manis. If you really want to see one let me know and I'll post it. I really like the 3rd to last polish! it kind of looks like oil and it reminds me of a Chanel polish I saw a while back. I'm a bit worried that it won't come out as pretty as it looks in the bottle but I'll let you guys know how it goes.

On another note, I'm back home for the next 3 months which means I will be blogging again! I missed my blog (and having time to do my nails!!!!!) but now that I graduated college I have plenty of free time until August 22nd when I leave for med school.

So thank you to those of you that continued to  follow my blog even though I never updated it! I promise I'll post all the time for the next 3 months and I'll hopefully have a giveaway and a contest of some kind as well ^_^


  1. wow that is awesome! so let me get this straight the coupon is on the cvs paper? and you got 25 nails polishes for free!?

  2. no it was in one of the regular Sunday newspapers so I collected some from family members. I didn't get all of them for free but I did get a bunch.