Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember me?

Hey ladies!

Thank you so much for continuing to follow me even though I haven't posted in months. I can't promise I'm going to post more often but I do have a post today! I've been really busy at school and now that it's my winter break I've been busy finishing up my med school applications. I have been doing my nails and I took pictures expecting to eventually do a huge post on all my nails over the semester but sadly something happened with the formatting on my microsd card in my phone and I can't get anything back :( Anyway, on to the nails!

I subscribe to a few different nail vlogs on youtube and I found something I wanted to try. here's a link!

And here is my attempt at these lovely nails.
 (Left hand)
 (Right hand)
I attempted to stop the glare in this pic but the colors look a bid faded.

I used a bunch of Revlon polishes; Guava (base), Black  Lingerie (black), Ocean Breeze (blue), and Golden (gold). I also used NYC Big Money Frost for the green. This was actually my first time using a thin brush. I usually just use a tooth pick to do my lines but it's about time for me to start using a brush.

So thankd JulieG for your awesome tutorial!

I'm going to try to do one more post before I go back to school but I'm going to try to keep these for as long as I can.

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